Thursday, July 15, 2010

I wrote my Current 93 James Joyce

Okay, just for fun, I submitted two paragraphs of my latest review, the one of Current 93's Baalstorm, Sing Omega, to I Write Like, and it said that I sounded like James Joyce. I haven't been this amped since another site that does similar magic for photos said that I looked like Kate Winslet.

Anyway, here are the two paragraphs.

David Tibet’s latest, the third in a series that began with Black Ships Ate the Sky, dances again with the apocalypse, though this time the world’s end seems like a quieter, more personal event. Most of the abrasive, distorted elements of Tibet’s sound have been toned down, his wilder incantations reined in, so that the main tenor is one of acquiescence, acceptance and nostalgic fondness for the world going down in flames.

As always, Tibet is engaged in large themes: lust, sin, redemption and a physical, wholly non-metaphorical battle between good and evil. Aeon, a Greek word for, variously, “life,” “the life force,” “eternal life,” and Plato’s world of ideals, plays a recurring role in his intricate mythology, along with Aleph (possibly a stand-in for everyman) and Baalstorm, the violent finish to life as we know it.

Joycean, yeah, I'll take it.

And the rest of the review, unless you'd rather just read Ulysseys again.


Syd The Squid said...

very nice!

Jean-Luc Garbo said...

"The music, too, seems more grounded than usual, drawing from simple folk traditions and instrumentations" - my favorite mode of C93! Is this an EP or a full-length?

jenniferpkelly said...

hi, yes, it's a full-length, fairly long actually.