Monday, July 19, 2010

600 posts…how about a new mix to celebrate?

My 600th post has arrived, so I thought I’d use the occasion to share some tunes that I’ve been listening to lately.

DL the mix here

1. !!!’s “The Hammer”: the darkest, spookiest cut on !!!’s fourth full-length, an album which is quite a bit lighter, more disco, less funk, than earlier efforts, but still pretty rad.

2. The Streets on Fire’s “Astronaut Love Triangle”: Been really liking this post-punk-ish outfit from Chicago, who are angsty and ragged in a way that bespeaks not premeditated edge as a marketing strategy but actual almost-coming-apart-at-the-seams. Which I prefer, obviously.

3. Mahjongg’s “Devry”: My favorite dance/afro-beat/techno/free improv band went a little nuts with the autotune on their latest, The Long Shadow of the Paper Tiger, but I really like this song.

4. Acid Eater’s “Searching for Love”: Like Guitar Wolf with farfisa. Those crazy j-punks.

5. So Cow’s “So Cow Vs. the Future”: Freaking LOVE this band, here live on WFMU presenting their obligatory one-song-with-the-band-name-in-it.

6. Ty Segall’s “Girlfriend”: Best song off Melted, quite possibly best Ty so far. (I’d say ever, but he’s moving so fast it’s hard to get a handle on him.)

7. Batusis, “Big Cat Stomp”: Surprisingly hair metal instrumental from the new collaboration between Cheetah Chrome and Sylvain Sylvain.

8. Adam Franklin and Bolts of Melody’s “She’s Closer Than I’ve Ever Been”: Breathtakingly beautiful fuzz from the Swervedriver frontman’s latest album.

9. Wild Nothing’s “Chinatown”: Very nice dreamy guitat pop from hotly tipped VA songwriter with a new album out on Captured Tracks.

10. Carissa’s Weird’s “Blue Champagne Glass”: In which you can hear Mat Brooke try out the vaulting hooks and dreamy tunefulness that later turned up on Band of Horses and, especially, Grand Archives.

11. Mountain Man’s “Mouthwings”: Very lovely a capella harmonies from this three woman alt-folk outfit who met at nearby Bennington College.

12. Current 93’s “Tanks of Flies”: Who knew that the end of the world would be so god-damned pretty?

13. Shannon Stephens’ “Panic”: Sufjan protégé has a self-titled record out, the follow up to last year’s excellent Breadwinner, and I don’t know about you, but I’m hearing a little bit of Linda Perhacs here.

14. Brett Eugene Ralph’s “Kentucky Chrome”: one of those novel-in-a-song phenomenons, from an actual writer of fiction, with the help of a couple of neighbors from Kentucky, like Will Oldham.

15. Wreckless Eric & Amy Rigby, “Silver Shirt”: The undisputed highlight of the pair’s new all-covers album, a bittersweet take on no-hit-wonder Plummet Airlines’ mid-1970s a-side.


Unknown said...

Linda Perhacs is playing in Los Angeles on Aug 7 at The New LA Folk Fest. Did ya know? She's got new songs and a new band too

Meatbreak said...

Hey Jen. The Hammer is the best track on that new !!! album. It's kind of weird listening to that it really sounds like 2006, puts me right back there. But The Hammer is great.

Wild Nothing is gently blowing me away too, I have Gemini on constant loop at the moment.

Downloading now, looking forward to it.

jenniferpkelly said...

Oh, no, I had no idea that Linda Perhacs was still performing. Very cool. Is she still any good?

And, funny you should mention it, but "The Hammer" is apparently, a reworked version of "Bend Over Beethoven" from the Myth Takes album, which came out in 2007. So perhaps not surprising that it takes you back. I like it the best, too.

Unknown said...

she performed the first show of her life last year! and it was cool. she's also got a really good band of LA musicians now so this upcoming gig will be her 2nd show ever and I'm excited to put it on. I found out about her last year and interviewed her. She's a strange, interesting lady.