Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Woods and Amps for Christ fuse folk with noise

Another one of those split CDs from stylistically aligned this case, the pieces seem complementary, but you do not see a lot of active mutual influencing. (For example, there's not much "here's Amps sounding a bit like Woods" or vice least no more than there would have been before the split.) Anyway, enjoyed the album, couple of really good songs on it. My review at Dusted today:

Woods/Amps for Christ
Woods/Amps for Christ

In Amps for Christ, Henry Barnes may have, in some ways, anticipated Woods’ noise-inflected folk pop. Coming out of hardcore and metal in the mid-1990s, he explored ways to place churning distortion in harmony with delicate, multi-ethnic plucking, sounding more like latter day Woodsist outfits (Woods, but also MV +EE) than first wave lo-fi bands (Sentridoh, GBV etc.). This split CD shows how the two bands are closely aligned but distinct from one another, with slightly different approaches to the blend of buzz, drone and melody.


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