Monday, May 14, 2012

Shark Fucks

I've got this new Sic Alps 7", always a fun thing, but the best thing about it, in my opinion, is that it covers the Tronics' wonderfully nonsensical, anarchic "Shark Fucks."

Couple of notes on Mother's Day...Saturday I got noticed from the NH State Goverment that my son's totally unsubsidsized but state-pooled health insurance was being cancelled as of August 31st. I hope that these tea party bastards someday need something from Sean's generation and that they get screwed as painfully and senselessly as they have done to the young people.

Also, in a more upbeat and pleasant vein, we had some very nice, unhurried time together this weekend, watched the new Almodovar movie (very creepy), some hoops, and saw the Feelies (that was just me and Bill, Sean is way too beat on Fridays to go out late), who were amazing. I also got about half of the flower garden weeded and repotted my tomato plants.

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