Thursday, May 3, 2012

More Beach House...but nothing very new

Why do you need Bloom if you've already got Teen Dream? Beats me, unless you're a committed more-is-better type.

Beach House
Sub Pop

Beach House’s last album, Teen Dream, represented a startling advance. The band’s gauzy sound gained a solid footing in live drums. Singer Victoria Legrand’s voice turned deeper, more sensual and nuanced, little curves in the notes suggesting earthier genres like soul and R&B. The glittering surfaces of partner Alex Scally’s guitar lines hinted, somehow, at deeper, stranger currents underneath. The whole thing seemed realer, more grounded, more weighted with significance than its pretty predecessors, though still imbued with a drifting, codeine strangeness.

Bloom, the band’s fourth full-length, will be fine with listeners looking for more of the same.


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