Thursday, May 31, 2012

Grass Widow's Internal Logic

One of this year's best rock records came out on Tuesday...That would be Grass Widow's Internal Logic, reviewed yesterday at Blurt.

Grass Widow
Internal Logic

Grass Widow's third album balances the sharp and the smooth, easing jittery obliqueness with the soft solace of vocal harmonies. Last summer's single, "Milo Minute" runs anxious Delta Five bass vamps (that's Hannah Lew) into sawtoothed guitar lines (Raven Mahon) and punchy, half-slanted drum beats (Lillian Maring). It would be classic late-1980s post punk (the band has, after all, opened for the Raincoats) except for the singing, all three Grass Widows together, voices twining and soaring in well-manicured harmonies.


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