Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sam Moss

Sam Moss is a singer, guitarist and banjo player who lives pretty near by in Brattleboro (VT), and he knows some people that I know, but I've never met him or heard him play live. I did like his new EP, Neighbors, and I was sort of planning on reviewing it here, on my blog. Then I finished it, and it seemed like a shame to put it somewhere that only a few people would see I sent it to Otis and, to my surprise, he decided to run it. So it's in Dusted today.

Sam Moss

Sam Moss works the raw, wounded end of Americana, thumping a plaintive rhythm out of banjo strings, singing long mournful notes that twist upwards at the end, like tendrils scrabbling for a few rays of sun. His “Neighbors,” which kicks off this six-song EP, echoes Sam Amidon’s simplicity and Theo Angell’s blues-rooted anguish in untamed, unmannered fashion.


You can listen to the whole EP at Sam's bandcamp site.

We got DSL yesterday, so now we have internet like everyone else. I was thinking about going back on MOG, but it looks like it's completely different now and I'm not sure I want to anymore.

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