Friday, May 18, 2012 a cannonball?

Fawn, out of Detroit, is a new band, made up of people from old bands (Von Bondies, Thunderbirds Are Now!, Javelins) and hawking an early 1990s-ish, screaming-guitars-and-catchy-melodies kind of sound that reminds me a lot of the Breeders. The new album Coastlines will be out late in June on Quite Scientific Records, but meanwhile, check out "Pixels", the first single.

Detroit's MetroTimes describes their sound like this: "Enticing hooks and major tones – pop without the saccharine perkiness; sunny-day melodies decorating otherwise gna"rly guitar roars, the always evocative (especially if complimentarily-synced) boy-girl harmonies over kicking, spilling drum bursts and good ol’ 90’s indie rock guitar-torches.

And, just for fun, here's the Breeders' video for "Cannonball"

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