Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Another really pretty album from Gravenhurst, though perhaps not quite as pretty as The Western Lands....

I said in Blurt:

"The Ghost in the Daylight (Warp) is a quieter, more overtly folky album than 2007's Western Lands. There is no obvious focal point - nothing like gorgeous, pick-clawed "Trust" from the previous album - only a series of acoustic songs that flare gently from rueful nostalgia to sudden melancholy. "The Prize," the album's first single, builds the subtlest kind of momentum in its close-harmonized chorus, an unsweep of interlocking vocals that is only partly moderated by its message, that "the ties that bind us blind us to the emptiness of the prize." The cut is delicate, spare and moving, a folky ephemera right up to the end, when the future breaks in with howling, descanting guitar feedback and billows of stringed instrumenta.


First track meet today...My fingerprints came back from Homeland Security clean (again), so i think I am good to go, yay!

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