Sunday, February 26, 2012

Mux Mool

Not really in sync with last night's festivities at Hampshire College, went to see Shigeto whose album Lineage I am liking a lot, but a bit flummoxed by the youth and informality of the gathering. (I'm used to being the oldest one in the room, no so much being the only one over 20, and I do mean way, way over 20.)

I believe Shigeto was playing when we got there (it looked like him from the photo), though with some other guys who might have been in Mux Mool and it didn't sound anything like the record (or, indeed, very focused or good). Second act(no one announcing anything, BTW, so they might have been Mux Mool, see if you can tell from the photo) included 2-3 guys from the first set, and was much better sounding...big booming beats that shiver through your clothing and altered soul-type vocals, a bizarre mix of viscerality and technology, but good. Also all hail the paper glasses, which looked like 3D specs, but shattered all the lights into rainbow shards and made things look pretty cool.

We left early, no idea which of the three (Shigeto, Mux Mool or Expensive Looks) we missed. Wow, college was a really long time ago.

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jenniferpkelly said...

I guess they didn't like it...!/muxmool/status/174173251466051585