Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Vacation in NYC

Hey, I went on vacation. I went to New York City for four days and had a really FABULOUS time. Here are some of the highlights:

Got stuck in an epic thunderstorm at the corner of Houston and Broadway Friday night, watched the kids run screeching through the night, pelting rain, wind enough to turn umbrellas inside out...went, soaking wet, to Otto for a fantastic dinner.

Ate guinness gelato at laboratorio del gelato...when it melted, it was just like beer, only sweet and kind of milky.

Saw "Araby" a song cycle by Church of Betty band-leader Chris Rael, based on James Joyce's Dubliners, one song for each story, ending with a really lovely one, based on "the Dead," which is the only one I know at all, and only because of the movie. It was part of the fringe festival.

Saw "The Bardy Bunch" an unholy mash-up of the Brady Bunch, the Partridge Family and most of Shakespeare's tragedies, also at the fringe, kudos to the actress who played Jan as, among others, Ophelia. Now I can't get that Partridge Family song, "I Think I Love You" out of my head.

Korean barbecue at Kangsuh

Getting upgraded at our hotel to a better room, one with a terrace, drinking beer on said terrace before going out...this is how the rich people live all the time apparently.

Hearing Rakim while running around Central Park.


Ian said...

Guinness gelato! The whole trip sounds pretty awesome.

jenniferpkelly said...

It was pretty fun...

I made Guinness ice cream once...you use condensed milk and guinness and it's surprisingly good.

good summer, Ian?