Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Thee Ohsees' Castlemania

Who is better at Cramps'-style, monster-haunted garage rock than the Ohsees' John Dwyer? No one, that's who.

A review of the new one, up today at Dusted.

Thee Oh Sees
In the Red

The art for Castlemania shows a scarred, green goblin hand grasping a Playskool toy telephone, sharpened monster fingernails closing on an earpiece meant for toddler babble. In a way, it’s the album’s aesthetic in a nutshell, an antic, super-simplified sense of play juxtaposed with death and decay in a cartoon version of the danse macabre. Ohsees mainstay John Patrick Dwyer jitters St. Vitus style though manic 1960s pop landscapes, his grin either the pure pleasure of garage rock abandon or the way lips pull back from a rotting skull – or maybe both.


"I Need Seed"

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