Monday, August 1, 2011

Austra interview

Hey, look, another interview running at PopMatters. How awesome is that?

This one is with Katie Stelmanis, she of the great big voice in dance pop Austra, who have an album called Feel It Break out on Domino now.

Brave New Voice: An Interview with Austra’s Katie Stelmanis
By Jennifer Kelly 1 August 2011

“I’m drawn to pop music, but I’m not drawn to pop music that’s too simple. You know, there has to be something new or something for my brain to think about,” says Katie Stelmanis, the powerfully voiced singer for Toronto synth phenomenon Austra.

Feel It Break, Stelmanis’ first album as Austra is a case in point. Its buoyant choruses and pristine dance riffs clearly belong to a pop tradition, but its complex vocal interplays and intricate arrangements reach beyond these boundaries. The Guardian’s Michael Hann observed, “Stelmanis is mannered enough to keep listeners on their toes, without tipping over into being irritating, adding a dash of spice to a record capable of intriguing both art and pop crowds.”


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