Friday, August 26, 2011

Razika's Program 91

Got kind of a bitchy review of the new Nordic, dance-pop sensation Razika...I don't insist that all my Dusted records be good but I kind of expect them to be interesting.


Program 91
Smalltown Supersound

If you’re over 25, you can’t avoid feeling a little pervy listening to Program 91, the fresh-voiced, indie-ska-dance debut from a band of Norwegian 20-year-old women. Its bright, dewy textures suggest hopes as yet undashed, excitement not yet turned blasé, heartbreaks that are — even as they hurt — kind of a rush. The songs can’t wait to get wherever they’re going, can’t wait to find out what’s next, can’t be bothered to self-examine. The sense of youth is so palpable, you can almost smell the Clearasil. Even “Vondt I Hjertet,” which, by the way, translates as “Pain in Heart”, bounds ahead on borrowed Phil Spector drum booms, fidgets and twitches with upbeat-heavy guitars. The pain is no more than a sad face emoticon in a fleeting text message. The optimism floods through this song like a hormone surge at a high school cafeteria table. If you are anywhere past college, this is not for you, not anymore, and spending too much time on Program 91 feels like ogling the short shorts parade as the girls get off the school bus. (This, and also the album under review, is probably more fun if you’re male.)


"Nytt Pa Nytt"

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