Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Is and Of The

Is and Of The is a terrible band name. See I have to bold it just so it doesn't get lost in the paragraph and it means nothing, doesn't even make sense as a phrase. (It's also nearly impossible to Google.) Even so, this one-man project from Philadelphian Drew Bandos is well worth checking out. The new album, with the equally opaque title Heads Phased for Dreamless Sleep, is lovely, oblique, evocative, slipping by in textures that are not quite ambiences, not quite songs but somewhere in between. The bio at Mush Records cites Boards of Canada and Do Make Say Think as reference points, but to me, it sounds like the otherworldly sound meshes of Function, the more unstructured, softer endeavors of Mogwai.

Mush has put track #3, "Sleepless Dream" up for free downloading.

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