Friday, August 12, 2011


Highly Publicized Digital Boxing Match is a skronky, ebulliant romp through the lands lying between jazz and math rock. It's by a band called Afuche, currently a five piece, headquarted in Brooklyn and led by Ruben Sindo and Zach Ryalls. Working with voice, keyboards, bass, guitar, baritone sax and drums, they create intricate, propulsive rhythms, blurts of irrepressible dissonance and ecstasies of improvisatory transport. The record will immediately remind you of Cuneiform label-mates Curlew, Upsilon Acrux, Bill Brovold and others. Tune-Yards, who seem to be becoming ubiquitous, make a guest appearance on this track, called "Danice Marino".

There are also two tracks titled, respectively, "Here's to Toast" and "Here's to Here's to Toast." A toast to toast. Indeed.

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