Thursday, August 4, 2011

Dum Dum Girls

I've been kind of on a Dum Dum Girls kick lately, starting, belatedly (it was under a big pile of stuff) with the spring-release EP He Gets Me High and moving just these week to the upcoming full-length Only in Dreams. I have not, in general, been very impressed with the current crop of girl-fronted garage poppers...except maybe for Sandwitches, which I like a lot. However, Dum Dum Girls has a couple of advantages over the hoard of Vivian Girls look-alikes in that singer Dee Dee has a great tender-tough voice, very much in the tradition of Chrissie Hynde, and she writes some really good, girl-group-flavored songs.

You can get the first single "Coming Down" direct from Sub Pop, but you have to enter your email somewhere and who wants to do that? Fortunately every online music magazine in the universe is mirroring the cut, so here it is courtesy of Gorilla Vs. Bear. It's slow and glorious and drenched, per the style of the day, in dreamy reverb...but killer, yeah?

"Coming Down"

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