Friday, June 17, 2011

White Noise Sound...again

I posted about White Noise Sound a few weeks ago, after more or less aimlessly poking through the wfmu heavily list and looking for mp3s. I liked "Sunset" a lot at the time, and more now, so I ended up reviewing the album for Dusted.

White Noise Sound

“Sunset,” the first and best track off this space-rocking debut, is a hailstorm of psychedelic torment, its Suicide-ish synthetic drones plonking down on sheets of grey-guitar-driven murk. Dense, roiling, squalling layers of sound fold over and under the song’s uninflected chant-song, kept in line by the thwacking precision of the drum line. In a decade when everyone can be forgiven for never wanting to hear another song that reminds them of The Jesus and Mary Chain, “Sunset” cuts right to the point, its turbulent mayhem swirling around tormented pop melodies.

Though if you read on, you'll find that I was somewhat less impressed with the rest of the album, especially the second half.

Still, it's a hell of a song, "Sunset," maybe my favorite from 2011 so far.

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