Monday, June 13, 2011

Milk Music

You'll get a big whiff of Dinosaur Jr. off this Olympia, Washington-based band's EP Beyond Living (extending, even, to the title), but that's no reason to back away. Not if you like huge swaths of over-driven guitars, Sabbath-y sludges of grinding bass and surprising tuneful-ness. There's some Nirvana in the sound, too, and a little of Hüsker's inchoate fury.

Mosurock caught it early, as usual, in Still Single, saying, "The immense, pillowy tone of the guitar and bass (credited to “N/A”) and highly-attenuated tone of both recalls a wonderful mix of Karp, J Mascis and Thin Lizzy/NWOBHM dynamics, oozing charisma and busting through walls of shitstorm melodic rock ‘n’ roll, Kool-Aid Man style. They have the woods sound, the flannel feel, and the singer hollers over top, barely in control, kinda like Lou Barlow on the first Dinosaur record, or Greg Sage on Over the Edge. Combined with some solid, Murph-style drumming, this is a very simple but infinitely fulfilling exercise in riff worship and less-is-more songwriting that improves with each spin it’s gotten over here tonight."

There's more

I'm not sure how you get it, officially, but the files are around, if you do a Google search.

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