Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Anni Rossi

Anni Rossi impressed me at SXSW two years ago, wedding baroque viola to punk rock rawness...but Heavy Meadow left me kind of cold. My review went up yesterday at Blurt.

"Heavy Meadow's burble-y, synthetic vibe should not come entirely as a surprise - Rossi has, after all, had a cover of Ace of Base's "Living in Danger" in her set list for several years. And, let's be fair. Surely every classically minded prodigy has occasional pop diva dreams. But it seems odd when an artist tosses the one thing that makes her unique over the side, blithely replacing it with mid-1970s pop artifice. It's not quite like Zola Jesus waking up with a Captain & Tennille fetish, but it's close and a bit disturbing."


"Land Majestic"

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