Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Wax Musuems

Super fun, silly garage punk from Denton Texas' Wax Museums, reviewed yesterday at Blurt.

The Wax Museums
Eye Times
(Trouble in Mind)

The Wax Museums write fast, sloppy punk songs about any damned thing, chronicling summer's highs ("Breakfast for Dinner") and lows ("Mosquito Enormo" and "Sunburn") with Ramones-esque bravado. Their lyrics sound like someone's smart-mouthed teenage brother ("You know I hate the space between/your neck and eyebrows" from "Between") cracking wise between huffs of paint. Their music, too, is the essence of garage punk simplicity, two- and three-chord rave-ups stripped of ornamentation and pushed to maximum velocity.


Here they are at one of the world's best places to see punk bands.

"Sunburn" (via Austin Town Hall)

I also reviewed their last album for Dusted.

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