Wednesday, June 15, 2011

UV Race

Another good one from In the Red records, an Aussie band that really doesn't sound as much like Eddy Current Suppression Ring as people say...

The UV Race
In the Red

The UV Race, out of Melbourne, often gets lumped in with Eddy Current Suppression Ring, a band whose version of garage rock really does distill lust and alienation and boredom into protean simplicity. And while these two bands are connected by geography and friendship and professional collaboration (Mikey Young of ECSR recorded and mixed Homo), The UV Race is a good bit more complicated. Its squalls of conflicted noise may be anchored by blunt and brutal drumming, its stream-of-consciousness rants may seem unfiltered and unpremeditated, but there are snarled complications bristling out of every song. People who compare The UV Race to The Stooges or The Troggs or even (with all due respect) Eddy Current Suppression Ring are listening only so hard. Artists like The Fall or The Pop Group -- where intelligence pokes through paranoiac repetition, where experimental excess warps cadence and melody -- are better reference points.


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