Monday, March 7, 2011

Royal Baths

Creepy, dark and very much in the shadow of VU, Royal Baths’ Litanies very much hit the spot over the weekend, though I’m far too late to do anything about it. It’s on the Woodsist label, which people seem to have turned on lately, but it’s really not the sort of sunny, loosely-strung garage psychedelia that you might expect. The closest recent reference is probably the XX, but there’s a bit more spine here, somehow. Here’s the free mp3 track “Nikki Don’t”.

And the obligatory live footage

We lost power in a wind storm early this morning and just now regained it. I'm a bit behind on everything, but at least the heat's on again.

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Unknown said...

i was trying to find your e-mail address and had no luck.. your blog is super good and we would love for you to review/post our music. let me know if you like!

also have another project you might like.