Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pascal Pinon

More of that dreamy, breezy Scandinavian pop, this time from two girls about the same as my son…damn, I’m getting old. Anyway, it’s fresh and sweet and unaffected and if you like Lykke Li, you might enjoy their self-titled album, out since late last year on Morr Music.

Here’s a bit from my Blurt review, which ran today:

Fresh as flowers with dew still clinging to the stems, this debut album from a pair of Icelanders distills extreme youth into an elixir of sweetness, transparency and light. The two girls, Jófríður and Ásthildu, were 14 when they started playing together, and they sound it. Here on this charming collection of songs, they trade whispered confidences and wry self-deprecation with one another, their voices light and uninflected with vibrato.


Here’s “New Beginning”

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