Monday, March 14, 2011

Eternal Tapestry

Crap it’s Monday again…after an extremely busy weekend, which involved two nights stay in lovely (not!) Tilton, NH for a ski meet, then a frantic drive on Sunday morning to Brattleboro for a rehearsal which, it turned out, wasn’t that critical. Don’t have kids. You’ll spend your life in the car, driving pointlessly from one place you don’t want to be to another.
Anyway, back to work, at least briefly. I’m going to NYC on Wednesday, because my friend David invited me to a reading of a play he’s working on (he’s the music director…it’s a Richard Foreman play and the reading is at the Public). So I’ve got a shit-ton of stuff to do before I leave, most of it paid and extremely boring, but meanwhile, Dusted is running a review of the new Eternal Tapestry record that I wrote while a tiny bit hammered. See if you can tell.
“Galactic Derelict” is everything that psychedelic guitar rock should be. Its pace is measured, funereal and bashed out like a prizefight on toms and cymbals. Its bass churns up from the bottom, all storm and turmoil and rumored violence. The guitars hiss and moan and careen in wild arcs, long notes prism-shattered through finger-wiggling vibrato. The wah-wah spits and growls like a giant cat, back arched, neck fur spiked, claws out, dangerous. This third track, the single from Eternal Tapestry’s Beyond the 4th Door, makes the case that droning psychedelia can still be visceral, even thrilling for listeners and not just self-indulgence for wayward guitar players.


“Galactic Derelict”


Jean-Luc Garbo said...

Is this supposed to be a psychedelic version of Earth? Listened to it twice on Tuesday and loved it.

jenniferpkelly said...

I'm not sure about the "supposed to be" part, but you could listen to it that way, I guess.

I'm glad you like it...did you just hear this track or the whole album? (I like this track more than most of the rest of the album.)

Jean-Luc Garbo said...

I listened to the whole album. As one long suite, it worked for me. (That's another reason why Earth came to mind.) That one song stood out as something I'd hear from Grails, though. Not in a bad way. Like I said, the whole album pleased me.