Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bibio's Mind Bokeh

I have a review of Bibio's Mind Bokeh up at Dusted today.

The art for Bibio’s last album, Ambivalence Avenue showed a tree-lined street, colors faded to nostalgic, bone-white hues like an old postcard. The music inside was similarly scratched and faded, acoustic guitar strums and piano chords and children’s cries worn to traces and obscured by a scrim of crackle and hiss. Mind Bokeh, two years later, is, by contrast brightly colored, both on its cover and inside. The acoustic guitars have mostly been replaced by synthesizers, keyboards and electric guitars. There’s a sheen of 1970s fusion funk to the entire enterprise and a less reflective, more hedonistic air.

The rest

There's a sampler you can listen to at Warp.

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