Thursday, March 31, 2011


My interview with Faust's Jean Herve-Peron is up today at BLurt.

Here's a bit:

"There is one word that would describe Faust very much, very well and it's dilettantism," said Jean-HervĂ© Peron, who has, for nearly 40 years played bass in the band. He has been asked, just previously, if there is a thread that ties his seminal Krautrocking outfit together, through multiple line-ups, genre experiments, periods of dormancy and even across two distinct bands that are named Faust. "But I mean ‘dilettantism' in its primal sense, which comes from ‘delight' and ‘joy.' It was all about enormously enjoying what we were doing, believing deeply in what were doing, not considering, and not -- I'm sorry, I'm going to use a rude word -- not giving a shit whether we were accepted or not. We didn't care about anything like this. We just cared about the urge, the inside urge. So there was no concept. It's all guts and emotions."


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