Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Listen to Wye Oak’s Civilian

I’ve been quite enjoying Wye Oak’s fourth and latest full-length Civilian, out next week on Merge Records. Wye Oak, if you’re just coming in, is a husband and wife duo out of Baltimore (the band name comes from Maryland’s state tree), who make dreamily introspective indie rock out of the standard textures of guitar, bass, keyboards and drums. Jenn Wasner, the singer, has a soft, mesmerizing voice that spreads a calm over even the most strident guitar-centric riffs. Her partner, Andy Stack, plays drums primarily, but also other instruments. It’s a fairly dense, enveloping sound. You’d never know there were just two of them.

Here’s the title track from Civilian, which is a good bit more jangly and folk-based than most of the album, but a very pretty song.


Also, you can stream the whole album now at NPR. Why not check it out?

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