Thursday, March 17, 2011

Goofing off again…New Zealand style

I am just now catching up with Surf City’s Kudos a fuzzily glorious, guitar-fractured pop album that will, I think, even without the antipodean reference, make you think about the Clean. Which is always a good thing. The record came out late last year to a certain amount of bloggy acclaim on Fire Records. Check this one out:

“Crazy Rulers of the World”

By the way, speaking of New Zealand, that new David Kilgour album Left By Soft is pretty damned great, a bit heavier (it is, after all, recorded with the Heavy Eights) than the last couple, more guitars, more distortion. I’m going to review it for Blurt, so I will undoubtedly have more to say about it after more than one listen, but for right now, great stuff. What a surprise.

I'm home again and the snow is finally melting. You can hear running water everywhere.


Syd The Squid said...

Surf City are great!... i love the 1st ep also...

jenniferpkelly said...

Some day i will catch up with you, Michael.

How was the Ex?

Syd The Squid said...

belittling... so fucking good!