Wednesday, January 23, 2013

UV Race's Racism

The UV Race
In the Red

Melbourne’s UV Race plays stunned, woozy post-punk that sounds like it has been bashed through the forehead with a tire iron, yet lurches on, half-conscious. Even the bangers – on this album “Nuclear Family” and the scatological “Raw Balls” – veer wildly around tight corners, and the slower songs (“Bad Egg,” for instance) have a half-raw gentleness to them, as if the band knows they’ve been badly wounded and must take care not to jostle them too hard.

Like Homo, Racism is hard to pin down. The band is part of Eddy Current Suppression Ring’s scene, and like them, favors a stubborn simplicity in most of their songs. You can hear it in the band’s pick-dragging bass lines, its zombified four-four beats, its bull-headed insistence on the first rhyme that comes to mind – pig with jig, walking with talking, beach with reach.


Heartthrobs, every one of them...

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