Thursday, January 3, 2013

Parquet Courts

I'm easing back into the music writing thing gradually, like the way you get into a really hot bath, one toe at a time. For instance, yesterday, I got my ass in gear just enough to finish a show preview for Parquet Courts, a scrabbly, guitar-banging post-punk outfit whose lyrics are smarter than they need to be, but not as smart as they'd be if they weren't mostly about weed. The band's main writer is Andrew Savage, whom you might remember from Fergus & Geronimo.

The album, Light Up Gold is getting a formal, commercial release on What's Your Rupture later this month, but it's been on Bandcamp since the summer, and you can still listen to it there.

Here they are playing CMJ not too long ago.

CMJ 2012: Parquet Courts performs "Yr No Stoner" at Death By Audio, Brooklyn from on Vimeo.

Today, maybe an actual album review, what do you think?

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