Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I've been really liking Konkoma's relatively recent (late 2012) self-titled, the first for this London-based afro-funk outfit. Mojo said that "These veterans are already better than The Funkees," and Uncut noted that "Konkoma's sound is rooted in 1970s Afrobeat, complete with blasting horn section and gloriously fuzzy organ, but shot through with touches of highlife, funk and rock."

It's been out since the summer on Soundway.

In other news, Sean had his Carnegie-Mellon audition today -- the longest of long shots and essentially either the Yale or the Harvard of undergraduate acting programs (Julliard is the other one, I'm goign to call it Harvard because it's mostly post-grad) -- and it went awesomely well. He was in there for a good 15 minutes, maybe more, did his two primary monologues and got an adjustment on one (the auditioner asked him to try another approach -- this is a good thing, they're seeing how well you take direction), then was asked for additional material, did one of those and got an adjustment on that, and then was asked to sing. He was also sent into the next room, which is like a call-back. So anyway, no idea whther he'll get in or not, but he did extremely well and is clearly justified in trying. I'm so excited about this, possibly even more excited than Sean. He's got DePaul and Syracuse on Friday and CCPA (Chicago College of Performing Arts) on Saturday. So we'll see, right?

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