Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Ty Segall, Mikal Cronin, Pink Floyd...what's not to love?

In the Red is reissuing Ty Segall and Mikal Cronin's 2009 vinyl-only Reverse Shark Attack in late January...and it's a hella good time, highly recommended if you didn't catch it the first time. (Cronin is a mainstay in Segall's band now and kind of a co-writer on the really excellent Slaughterhouse.) The originals are terrific, but they really got my attention with this cover, from one of my all time favorite albums, the Syd-enhanced, acid-wreathed Piper at the Gates of Dawn

Sorry I've been off and on with the posts. I've been having some motivational problems, plus this college/financial aid application process is kind of all-encompassing. Be glad when it's over.

Aren't you happy we didn't all


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