Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Amor de Dias

Oooh, this is nice....

Amor de Dias
The House at Sea

“Voice in the Rose,” which leads off this second collaboration between The Clientele’s Alasdair MacLean and Lupe Núñez-Fernández, is an almost ideal blend of indie pop and bossa nova, its dual guitar lines lightly, buoyantly syncopated, its bright, sharp instrumental clarity softened at the edges with luminous drone.

MacLean sings lead in this one, as he does in about half the songs. His voice barely exceeds a whisper. A soft ache of nostalgia lodges in almost too pretty tones. The guitars are Latin, the vocals C86. And yet you can hardly see where the seam lies, it all fits so beautifully together. It’s the kind of daydream hatching pop tune that makes you sad and happy all at once, happy because the sound is so caressingly pretty, sad because it, like the good things flashing by in the lyrics, will be over any minute now, and then where will you be?


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