Saturday, January 5, 2013

Karriem Riggins' Alone Together

Karriem Riggins, as an unnamed DJ states during a fragment of an interview, lives at the corner of hip hop and jazz, drumming regularly with the Ray Brown Trio and Diane Krall, but also producing tracks for the Roots, Common, J Dilla and other hip hop artists. His latest, Alone Together, which has been out since late 2012 on Stones Throw, is a mercurial kind of pleasure, lots of tracks, mostly quite short, exploring fleeting rhythmic and melodic ideas, then flying off to the next new thing. It feels like lots of bright, shiny bits, rather than one cohesive statement, but the bits are quite, quite good.

Here's a video from Riggins' website for "Round the Outside"

Also pretty interesting podcast called "Karriem Riggins Produced That"

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