Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I don't know if I've mentioned this, but I may be doing some writing for The Quietus now...in fact, I just turned in my first attempt at a feature, which was on Ty Segall. If you're not familiar with the Quietus, it's a really wonderful site, whose aim is to do for current, living, working musicians what Mojo does for dead ones. There are a lot of really good, recognizeable writers on the masthead, far better known than I am (which is not saying much, obviously, but it goes beyond that).

Anyway, there's a really thoughtful, moving piece on the tragedy in Norway, which you should read. Most of the coverage is designed, more or less, to break your heart, but this piece is different in that it makes you a little bit proud, again, to be human. The Norwegians are a much better, more forgiving, humane people than we are, evidently.


Ian said...

That's a great article. And yay for the Quietus - I do like the site, but what you've written makes me realize that I'm not that familiar with Mojo. What does it do for dead musicians?

jenniferpkelly said...

Thanks, Ian, yes it's a good one.

Mojo does really exhaustive, well-written, well-researched features on rock musicians. The main problem is that they are mostly from the 1960s. I've made s rule about not buying issues with a Beatle on the cover, and you'd be astonished how often it comes into play.

Ian said...

Ah, gotcha. Maybe I'll pick up a non-Beatles issue sometime.