Friday, July 29, 2011

Bad Sports

Wow, busy week, mostly workwise, but also in terms of some music stuff that I'll maybe be posting about later. The good news, I guess, is that after two months of no paying work at all, I am now officially we will not go down with the ship this time, at least as long as we can make to September or so, when people actually start paying for things.

Anyway, I have a bit of an early review of the new Bad Sports record Kings of the Weekend up at Dusted today. It's mostly for you garage fans out there...if you like that In the Red/Goner/Hozac stuff, you will totally go for this one. I mean, I did.

Bad Sports
Kings of the Weekend

....Bad Sports touchstones are classic first-wave punk, the Ramones and the Clash prominently, bands whose buzz-saw riffs slice right through bubblegum worthy melodies. They sound just like the Ramones on “Can’t Just Be Friends,” and superbly Clash-like on the chord-crashing, “You Don’t Want to Know.” Not as goofy as their counterparts in the Wax Museums, these guys are still pretty funny. “I’m In Love With Myself” is a palm-muted paean to narcissism. “Who needs girls when you’ve got a mirror?” indeed. Later songs plead with the emotionally damaged (“Schizophrenia…won’t fix itself” from “I Can Be Cruel”) and fume over unwanted guests (“I don’t want you on my couch…get out!” from “Can’t Stay”) with black humor.


"Teenage Girls"

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