Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Las Kellies

Post-punk from Argentina? Why not? Especially if they're going to slip in an ESG cover. My review of Las Kellies runs today at Blurt.

Las Kellies
Las Kellies

Las Kellies' cover of ESG's "Erase You," slinks and struts with an animal grace, its spiky minimalism grounded in grunting, primitive bass and embellished with scrappy, taunting vocals. These three Argentinians - like their South Bronx forebears - are clearly women who will take no shit from anyone, but who, left to their own devices, can make a party out of the barest elements. Las Kellies, the band's third album, throws a quick nod to ESG, as well as the Slits, the Raincoats and Delta 5, shouting multilingual jeers and boasts to a backslanting, reggae-flavored beat.


"Perro Rompebalas"

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