Monday, July 18, 2011

Dark Mean

Dark Mean belongs in that category of roots-instrumented bands that aren't really alt-country at all. You can make a banjo punk. You get even turn a slide guitar into something psychedelic. A certain hoarse-voiced urgency is all you need to transform folky-melodies into brash indie pop. And, hey, it always helps when you know how to use brass, really use it, to pump up little ditties into homespun epics...

Formed in Hamilton, Ontario, about half a decade ago, the band has two earlier EPs under its belt and now, the self-released self-titled Dark Mean, which contains this song "Happy Banjo" which I like a lot. In terms of subject matter, it describes a romantic relationship in which both parties "like it on top"...but there's no reason they can't work that out if they take turns, don't you think?

Anyway, here's the track. Have a listen. Reminds me of Rural Alberta Advantage and Hallelujah the Hills...which is always a good thing.

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