Thursday, July 14, 2011

(Not very) Brilliant Colors

I am really not impressed with Brilliant Colors' follow-up...From Dusted today...

Brilliant Colors
Again and Again

Two years ago, Brilliant Colors’ Introducing twitched and careened and yelped behind a veil of fuzz. “Absolutely Anything,” the knock-out from this Bay Area band’s debut, threatened to dissolve around the edges, but there was no mistaking the firestorm of energy at its fractious center. “English Cities” was a mess of clangor, guitar-frantic dissonances breaking up in feedback, shouted “oh-hos” sticking like bayonets out of murmur-y verses. Here was a band, you might have been excused for thinking, that only needed a bit of tidying up to really score.

With Again and Again, Brilliant Colors gets that scrub job, and holy crap, are the results ever disappointing. This second full-length is like looking at fog through a clean window. There’s nothing there, and boy can you ever hear that nothing clearly.


"How Much Younger"

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