Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Winter Drones

This is another project from Leon Dufficy of Hush Arbors, a great deal less folky and more shoe-gazing than you’d expect given the lineage, but quite good.

Michael Ardaiolo from Dusted, liked the giveaway track “Winnie Cooper’s Bones,” a whole lot, describing it like this:

“Winnie Coopers Bones” embraces the best principle of My Bloody Valentine: play it crushingly loud, but make sure the distortion shimmers rather than blinds. Dufficy’s massive seesawing riff throbs well amidst the steady march of percussion, wailing overdubs, organ drones and melodic-leaning vocal cues. He has a talent for reining in the feedback just to spiral it back out again. But, of course, this is the 21st century: we have budget restraints, hard drive studios and release quotas limited to cassette tapes, mp3s and limited-run LPs. Dufficy’s song sounds nowhere near the scale of the torrential MBV, but it still sounds damn good ringing from within white ear buds.

You can read the rest of the review here.

These aren’t full tracks, but you’ll get the idea. The album’s called Blood in the Coffin and it’s been available since late last year at the Weird Forest label.

“Winnie Cooper’s Bones”

“Stiff Wizard”

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