Tuesday, April 12, 2011

White Noise Sound

On the theory that MBV ( and J&M Chain) can never have too much influence, that guitars should be fuzzed and frizzed until they sound, not like any man made instrument, but like the rushing sound of the seas tumbling over the edge of a flat world, that the most beautiful things are hemmed and swathed in fog, I offer White Noise Sound, whose sort of self-titled debut WNS came out early this year on Alive Records.

Andy Gill (of G04) reviewed it for the Independent noting that, “it all comes together with maximum impact on the opening "Sunset", whose electro-punk pulse could be from Suicide's debut album, and "No Place to Hide", in which dense layers of synths and miasmic guitar drones ride a determined groove to a pleasing Neu!-style conclusion.” The rest of his review is here (it’s short).

Here’s that “Sunset” cut he was on about. I like it a lot.

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