Thursday, April 14, 2011


Annabel Alpers, the New Zealand-based pop-electronic songwriter, has a new album coming out on Drag City this May, her third, which makes it a little odd that it’s self-titled, but not unprecedented. I interviewed her a couple of years ago, just after she’d gotten picked up by Drag City for her second full-length My Electric Family…and I liked the record a lot, as well as her earlier Isolation Loops. (Both it and a previous 12” called The End of Things have since been reissued by Drag City.) But I have to say that her new one is better, a really stunning piece of work that is, simultaneously more intricate and easier to process…a really rich kind of experience where you are captivated right from the beginning but, as time goes on, continually noticing new things .

Here’s my “Destined” piece on Bachelorette.

Drag City doesn’t seem to be offering any videos or mp3s from this album…in fact, all I can find is the MySpace.

So, it looks like YouTube isn't permitting people to embed videos's a link to a video of Annabel performing live at Cake Shop. You'll have to leave to see it. Bye!

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