Monday, April 18, 2011


Pitched somewhere between Mogwai and Tortoise, this Memphis-based instrumental five-piece makes music that is more ominous than dreamy, its cinematic landscapes touched with phosphorescent glow. The instruments are standard post-rock, guitars, bass, drums, synthesizer and, per the Tortoise comparison, some sort of malletted percussion, either vibes or xylophone. Yet, while it’s easy for this type of music to recede into the background, Glorie’s compositions play as the soundtrack to some unfathomable yet compelling narrative, building tension, forboding and, occasionally, letting it all go in sudden release.

Members of Glorie have, according to bio, played for Cat Power, Jay Reatard, Al Green and, let’s play one-of-these-things-is-not-like-the-others, the Memphis Symphony Orchestra. The band leader, Jason Paxton, was once in a band called Satyrs. Their debut album is self-titled, available May 17th on Makeshift records.

Here’s “Highrise”

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