Monday, April 18, 2011

WFMU swag

I gave money to WFMU during the last pledge drive, mostly because it's an awesome station, responsible for at least 90% of whatever kind of musical taste I've got and continually introducing me to new stuff, even now when I get 30 records a week through the mail and about the same as DLs. Not to mention better new stuff.

Anyway, I gave them some money and they sent me a tee-shirt, which thanks awfully, but after half a life of running, I've got plenty of tee-shirts (I gave it to my son, who will look way better than me in it anyway). But they also sent me a compilation disc called Caligula's Frat Party. It was put together by Bill Kelly, who has the same name as my husband, is, I think, roughly the same age as my husband, and has very similar taste to my husband, but who IS NOT my husband. Go figure. But whoever he's married to, he's got a pretty awesome mix going, all garage or punk, mostly vintage but some new. I can't find any of it on Youtube, but here's an alternate track from the Danish garage band The Setting Son, a new discovery, at least for me. They're pretty damned good, don't you think?

It's school vacation week, so I'm trying not to commit to a hell of a lot of work. I'll post when I can, certainly if anyone publishes any of music writing ever again.

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