Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Timber Timbre

Here’s the end of a long dry spell (in terms of reviews running, I’m still writing 3-4 a week), my review of Timber Timbre’s Creep on Creepin’ On, out now on Arts & Crafts.

I said at Dusted this morning: The Canadians in Timber Timbre have found the ghost story in Americana styles like folk, blues, jazz and doo-wop. A sense of dread hangs over the steady, staccato plink of piano, the ominous thud of kick drum in “Bad Ritual.” The 12/8 swagger of R&B turns gothic in “Lonesome Hunter.” These songs’ outlines are familiar, even traditionally rooted, yet like visiting spirits, they turn translucent, warped and faintly disturbing.


I saw Timber Timbre open for the Low Anthem a couple of years ago, just the singer really, and it was pretty good. Here's a link to my write-up. (It's mostly about the Low Anthem.)

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