Friday, August 20, 2010

Wreckless Eric and Amy Rigby on covers

PopMatters just put up my piece on Wreckless Eric and Amy Rigby, specifically their new album Two-Way Family Favorites which consists entirely of covers.

And why not, since it was a cover that brought them together.

When Amy Rigby heard that new wave legend Wreckless Eric was coming to her show in Hull a decade ago to DJ, she was understandably nervous. After all, Eric’s “Whole Wide World” had been a staple of her live set for years. She was planning to play it that night, by coincidence, in the very pub that Eric had launched it decades before, while a student at the Hull Art College.

Jumping in with both feet, the alt-Americana songwriter asked Wreckless Eric to join her for the song. After a bit of two-guitar fumbling, he said to her, “There are just two chords in the song and both of yours are wrong.”

Read the rest (and please do, Eric is very entertaining)

And here they are, playing "Whole Wide World"

I'm interviewing Michael Rother from Neu! on Monday, wish me luck.


jenniferpkelly said...

I can't get the hotlinks to work, but here's the URL for the story.

Ian said...

Good luck!

jenniferpkelly said...

Thanks Ian.