Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Purling Hiss...damn

I've got a little piece up in Philly Weekly's Music Issue this week about Mike Polizze who more or less is Purling Hiss and also plays guitar in Birds of Maya. I'm trying this new thing where I start with a quote, like Mojo always does, and it's harder than it looks.

Like this:

“I wanted to do something ridiculous and over the top, recording in the red with the gain all the way up,” says Mike Polizze, explaining the guitar mayhem that defined Purling Hiss’ self-titled debut.

A veteran of Philly’s psych boogie monolith Birds of Maya, Polizze began his solo project as a way to use up ideas that didn’t quite fit into the other band’s aesthetic. There are subtle differences between the two outfits, he says, if anything this magnificently loud and distorted can be said to be subtle.

The whole story is here.

Let's see what have we got for Purling Hiss media...

Do you believe it? just the Myspace.

But hold on, just play "Almost Washed My Hair" once on your crappy little computer speakers and tell me if it does not absolutely rule.

It does.

More coming soon, on Richie Records and Woodsist, stay tuned.

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