Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Endless Boogie

Another good one from Endless Boogie, progenitor of sprawling, blues-based, diesel-fumed jams....

My review of Full House Head ran today at Blurt.

Seldom has a band been named so well as Endless Boogie, whose blues-clogged, diesel-fumed, body-moving grooves run on into infinity. Named for a John Lee Hooker song and inspired by blues rooted oddities from Beefheart and Canned Heat on down through ZZ Top, Endless Boogie allows its ideas to develop slowly and through repetition. Full House Head, the band's second full-length, satisfies some primal thirst for guitar-bending, hard-chugging, wah-wah wailing rock ‘n roll that, if you've been listening to the current crop of chillwave, C86 clones or chamber pop, you may have forgotten you had.

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