Thursday, August 19, 2010

Woven Bones

Somewhat ambiguous about last spring's Woven Bones's a band that could probably go either way from here. I called it " all atmosphere and no song, or at least no songs that you can tell apart readily" with the caveat that, "The atmosphere, in the band’s defense, is rather fine, an ominous, echoing, fuzz-altered cave-sound."

The rest of the review, up today at Dusted, is here

"If It Feels Alright"

Ran eight miles today in the park that I used as escape hatch in high school...probably would never have started running marathons if it weren't such a nice place to avoid human contact for an hour or two. (Waving at other runners doesn't count.) Actually you can go home again and it's exactly the same, except for you and everyone you know, who is either much older or gone. the park looked just the same.

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